If you are planning to take your business to an international level and promote it to the global market then the World Wide Web is the best and most cost effective choice. What you need is a Service Provider who can conceptualize a web model to deploy & promote the online presence of your business. EC is THE TEAM - Our Analysts are experts in conceptualizing your requirements and transforming them into effective web-based solutions; Our Developers have invaluable experience of implementing complex and interactive features to a website; Our team of Designers use their creative caliber to add a vibrant appeal to the look & feel of a website. All this is backed by our team of Search Engine Optimizers who make a website meet standards & expectations of search engines and to make it rank in the top slots of search engine results. All required services at one destination... What else do you need to make your business a success on the Internet?

Web Application Development

Web Applications encompasses wide range of services and custom application development approach. To gain scalability, portability and accessibility, creating custom web applications have become a necessity for an organization, regardless of the size. Companies are replacing their desktop applications with web-based systems. EC has a very systematic approach towards web based application development. We do not sell off-the-shelf projects or components but tend to develop a complete ground up application specially for your company needs.
Our web application development division provides complete custom services including enterprise web portal development, web based business applications, rich Internet applications and technology consulting for specific needs. Click on above sections to know more about our web applications and related services to start the process now.

Desktop Application

EC provides leading-edge software development services to rapidly transform your company’s ideas and concepts into new products and applications. EC has extensive experience in the development of desktop, client-server, and Web-based applications for enterprise solutions.

* Openwave develops Desktop Utilities and Custom Software applications. Business Automation Tools
* Data Processing
* Utilities
* Plug-ins
* Etc

We offer a cost-effective way for your company to leverage additional resources for both product and application development, thereby enhancing the abilities of your company’s software and technical staff. In addition, Our Development Team has the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects, offering an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.
Our company offers an environment for desktop application Development Company and deployment on desktop. EC has developed many notable and successful Windows and Desktop application for expected broad spectrum of your company across different industries.

Database Management

Data is a strategic asset for many organizations, driving smarter decisions, improved operational efficiencies and better customer service. The traditional ideas about centrally managed data have evolved. Today’s data management challenges now span a broad spectrum, including:

* Extreme transactions
* Mission-critical analytics and data warehousing
* The need to leverage data at the frontlines of the business in remote offices and on mobile devices

EC offers a comprehensive set of database management software technologies that provide the crucial foundation for the Unwired Enterprise and enable companies to manage and mobilize information from data centers to the point of action. We designs each data management solution for fast, efficient performance in different environments and for specific uses. You can choose the best-fit technology to meet your requirements.


EC offers a complete range of creative advertising design solutions—from strategizing, designing and writing the advertisement copy to supervising of the photography and artwork creations. Our focus is always on creating original, effective and impactful advertising design projects. We help customers erect path breaking brands through the strategic use of design and have worked with a number of brands to create a diverse range of designs across different mediums. Our design team works with clients to understand the goals they wish to accomplish, in terms of sales, traffic, service boost, etc. We put together anything between a simple static advertisement to an intricate, interactive Flash designed page. Our innovative designers know exactly what will draw the attention of the target audience, while also being keenly aware of the image and message clients desire to project.

Our advertising design services:

Flyers: We provide riveting designs that also deliver the required information and message

Animated advertisements: Our talented designers excel in Web advertising design and can engender designs of any complexity level to captivate the attention of your target audience.

Static advertisements: We develop static, web-ready advertisements that are simple yet engaging.

Flash advertisements: We compose fully interactive Flash advertisements, which may include video, music, graphical elements, mini games, etc—anything your heart desires.

Web Hosting Solutions

Our goal is to offer effective and affordable web design and hosting for small businesses, professionals and families.

You may already have been told that you are falling behind because you are not on the World Wide Web. With all you have to do to keep your business and family going, how are you going to launch a web site too? Contrary to recent media hype, I do not believe that a web site is the end of the road when it comes to your business or your pleasure.

At EC, We view a web site as an additional tool to assist your efforts in delivering information, ideas or goods. Plus, with good experience in marketing, communications, electronic publishing and web design, We possess the know-how to help you every step of the way! Whatever your Internet needs, We can deliver a comprehensive web site design and hosting at a price you can afford. Take some time to explore our web site, and you will see for yourself!

Payment Gateway Integration

EC offers online payment gateway solutions. In this the transactions are fully online where in the member companies can interact with the customers directly. The member users can use either the quick pay or online invoicing to receive the payments of the customers. These kinds of payments are server based in which the transactions can take place, on any system and with any Internet connection.

This "Payment Gateway" is specifically designed to accommodate the increasing demand by e-commerce companies for sophisticated multi-currency payment solutions to tap the enormous opportunities for global Internet transactions. Payment Gateway also includes several exciting new technologies that enable e-commerce businesses to display pricing in a customer's local currency while providing back-end settlement and reporting to the merchant in the currency of its own choice.

Payment Gateway services are offered by Banks like Citibank, HDFC, ICICI etc and the companies like World Pay, Planet Payment etc who are authorized to accept Credit Card online. Payment Gateway services is the heart of E-commerce, which enables transaction online. They provide you with Merchant ID No, which helps to manage and maintain your accounts.

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