Project Execution Process

Project Management is the skill to balance competing objectives, managing risk, beat limitations to carry a product successfully, which would meet the need of both clients and users. We have developed efficient Development Process through extensive research and experience that are at par with IT industry standards. Time, resource and money can be saved and the consummate quality will be presented within the mentioned time. Certainly, our entire lineup at EC follows the standards to convey quality software products.

Collecting Input

we identify entities for the project on the first stage of the project. We commence with lineup building process, defining distinct roles and responsibilities as required for the development. Requirement specifications, requirement clarification documents, requirement change impact document are assembled during the first stage. All these details are remitted to the clients to get it signed off. Once all the requirements are clearly specified we move towards the next segment where communication plans are specified with clients. The plan specifies periodicity, channel and communication responsibility at the two ends.


Planning includes all the activities such as producing and reviewing project management plan that further comprise high level architecture, software development plan, risk mitigation plan, third party component integration, delivery schedule and etc. In this stage we correspond always with clients for even execution of the project.


This stage sets off with getting an interface in place and sending it to the clients for signing. We make certain the project execution conforms to plan and progress and are communicated with the customers regularly. During the course of project there might happen an abrupt or surprising requirement changes, hence, we confirm from clients, and analyze them, prepare change specifications, impact document on the different viewpoint of planning, system design, schedule, testing and deliverables. We arrange development status reports repeatedly and all are remitted to the clients.

Quality Assurance and Testing

we follow the best industry practices for QA and Testing. Our Quality delivery centers on customer satisfaction. We go all-out improving our processes and reducing from faults. Under this stage we perform component testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and regression test.


Under this stage the application is carried out lively to the public on clients' sites along with end user training. The every deliverables including code and documentation are remitted to the client as mentioned earlier in the agreement.


System maintenance and functionality enhancements are comprised in this stage. We identify and resolve the incidental error and issues. We carry out plan and implement the action in order to keep away from future problems based on past incidents. According to external factors for example, extremely high website traffic adoptions are made as required to perform functional modifications and augmentation.

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