Online Marketing

Building a website or just owning a new one doesn’t ensure that it will automatically get noticed by the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. websites do need advertisements to become popular in the world. It is a hard core fact that optimum traffic or visitors to a website get redirected only via search engines. Internet marketing can get website to achieve higher rankings in search engines. At EC, we take each possible step so that your website really get noticed by the world and you receive just the correct visitors as per the site.


Everyone from individual to giant multinational companies need to become well known in the world, for that they use different means of advertisements. A complete website with beautiful eye candy design might not be useful always if customers do not know its features. Consequently presenting your website to search engines would not work out well. Today business should implement web marketing plan that markets their website and boost the number of web users who visit their site to describe about their products and services to a larger market. Our SEO services comprise: Keyword Research, Initial Search Engine Optimization report, Competition Analysis report, Detailed study of Pre-Optimization and Ranking Report, Create an action plan, Optimization of Meta Content and inclusion of header and footer text as and where required, Optimization of all web pages including html enhancements, Identification of possible spider stoppers, Inclusion of Robots.txt (if needed), Creation and submission of XML site map, Optimization of internal link structure, Hand submission to major engines and open directories, Submission of site to different press release services, Link & Rank reports in every 2 weeks, Reciprocal link building campaign through different directory and press release achieving as per pre agreed target of links, Two way link building, Manual Link Requests To Related Websites, W3c Validations for Home page, Competent Customer Support.

NOTE:- We ensure a higher search engine listing of your website in major search engines. We cannot provide you exact guarantee in rankings below TOP20 position, but usually we achieve the same as seen from our success.

Google Analytics Services

We provide a wide range of services to compliment your Google Analytics and Urchin applications including software upgrades, customization services, multivariate testing, KPI definitions and strategic roadmap development. Regardless of the service we provide, the end goal is the same - to optimize your investment in Google Analytics.

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is the easiest way of achieving higher rankings is get that place. Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter are the largest network operators. In this model advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. Websites that utilize Pay per Click ads will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches and advertiser’s keyword list or content site displays relevant content.

Visual Media Marketing

At EC, we keep working to develop innovative marketing ideas that will help a site to become most popular among target audiences. Animated banner, a small flash game, a flash presentation are some of the advanced tools that helps to promote the site and catch the quality visitors. We try some simple but yet powerful and impressive ideas rather than a complicated one that will tie’m up the customers and make them to discover the site.

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