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"Find A Kosher Restaurant"

Find a kosher restaurant is the essential Kosher restaurant guide.

Covering thousands of locations worldwide, we combine in-the-know editorial recommendations, candid user comments and expert advice from local businesses, and we keep you connected to the most popular and undiscovered kosher restaurants wherever you are.

"Power Cargo"

"Power Carog" is a Client side application, especially designed & developed for end users to track their package. User can track package from any courier delivery services like FedEx and UPS etc. User can add tracking to Favorites List to gain a fast access and also can subscribe for email, sms and voice call for toll-free.

"Shopping Cart"

Read about product in Details check whats on sale

Browse cnc tooling,fabrication tooling,floor restoration, stone maintenance, home care.

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Simple interface easy to use.
Time to time reminder.
Login with your facebook accout


Fridge application is the best way to create shopping lists, keep track of expiration dates and search for recipes using items in your fridge.

Recipes can be saved to create your own personal cookbook.

When you are shopping you can use the app to remind every thing yourself.

very easy interface

"Smart Card"

* Smart Card is a premiere membership club which saves you up to 60% off local restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, spas, activities and much more, right in your neighborhood.
* Savings at your fingertips!
* Now with our free iPhone app, you can see the very best savings we have to offer at local restaurants, spas, activities, even travel, every day.
* Stay up to Date!
* New businesses join every day and with our handy dandy new app, simply click on the New Places to Save tab and you will be updated on the latest and greatest deals Smart Card has to offer. Plus, find out about special offers with our new Special offer tab.
* Your Smart Phone is now a Smart Card!

"Discover Limo"

* + Save 30-40% by going direct to local suppliers. Our supplier-partners are pre-screened, customer reviewed and carry our $10mm insurance.
* + Easy online ordering - with instant all-inclusive pricing (including tip)!
* + 24 x 7 world-class customer support
* + It's a free app, no booking fees, no contract minimums/term, no fees to use the system
* + is featured with a booking button on such great sites as, LiveNation/Ticketmaster and David's Bridal
* + We cover most major cities worldwide and recently expanded into China, South America and India


* As Seen in the Daily Mail, Now Magazine and Good to Know.
* Lose your baby weight as fast as your favourite celebs with the newest fitness craze for new parents.
* Our app has been developed in conjunction with sports scientist and personal trainers.
* Our fan list includes the countrys top celebrities,TV personalities and magazine editors.
* +++ before leaving any reviews, please read the Pramometer's help page or contact us on, it came to our attention that some of the reviews that have been left on iTunes are due to incorrect use of the app +++ * + We cover most major cities worldwide and recently expanded into China, South America and India

"Pink Shutter"

Choose yours photo from gallery or capture your photo.

Capture your photo and apply your frames

Capture yours photo and apply different types of colors.

Easy tools to make your photo.

Enchance, BlackEge, WhiteEge,Sepia and many options.

"Coloring Book"

Choose yours picture from over 15 pictures.

Use our color in the lines feature to make your pictures.

Over many colors to choose from.

Email yours color picture to your friends.

Share your pictures with friends on Facebook.


Interested in learning more?.

With many question and different types of levels.Can you answer all the questions and unlock all the levels?

Challenge your friends on the Quiz game.

Enjoy a simple zombie quiz app.

"Perfect Bride And Ring"

* Wedding Dresses,Customize Skin
* 30 Hairstyle in 4 hair color ( total of 120 )
* Change Eye color,30 + Lipstick choices
* 20 + Eyebrow choices,Veil
* Tiara, Hair accesories
* Flower ( Hand Bouquet),Designer Shoes
* 20 different backgrounds
* Choices of Ring band/ settings
* 6 Different gems including diamond and colored diamond
* 10 Gem Shape ( round , emerald , cushion , marquise, heart, princess, and more )
* 8 Different carat size
* 3 Stone style ( Plain , Halo, Double Halo )
* Pick your own ring box and ring barrier


*Photos SAVED automatically to your phone photo album
* No Annoying WATERMARK on your photos!
* 53 Photo effects
* 4 of them are ANIMATED real time photo FX!
* Front and Back Camera
* Easy to share via Email, Facebook , Twitter, Tumblr , flickr
* Real EASY and FAST to use
* Get effects you never see before anywhere else!
* NEW effects are coming up in updates


* Offthebook application is the simplest & most effective application that will allow you to keep track of all your financial transactions. This professional solution will allow you to always know how your business is doing & where the money is going.
* Built-in money counter calculator.
* Cash Flow tables keep track of your daily sales.
* Calculates your profit for you & your partners for every new inventory/cash flow table you start, in conjunction with your purchase price.
* Login & Password key enabled to protect your private & confidential information.

"The Zigsa Tracking"

Website tracking. The traditional way of tracking package

Sms tracking. Your clients can text their warhouse receipt to get ststus.

Email notification. At their email address.

Phone call tracking. Your clients can call and tyoe their warhouse receipt to get ststus.

Sms notification. We will text them the latest status on their package.

Phone call notification. We can even call your clients if they choose this feature.


* This application "Calculater" find the values in different ways.

* Find area by:-
* Square, Circle, Triangle , Trapzoid.

* Find Calculation in :-
* Centimeters (cm)
* Inches.
* Meters.
* Square Inches (sq in).
* Square feet (sy feet).
* Square centimeters (sq cm).
* Square Meters (sq m).

"Privacy Please"

* This application add effects to the "Images".

* Capture the images from the camera or you can selectimages from your photo gallery.

* Add some effects to the images like :-

* Zoom , Blackout , Crop , Blur.
* Share images with yours friends on facebook.
* Tools


* This application add effects to the "Images".

* Capture the images from the camera or you can selectimages from your photo gallery.

* Add some effects to the images like :-

* Different types of "Frames".
* Rotate the images with different angles with "Rotation".
* Crop the images.
* Add "Bubbles" to the images with different sizes.
* Share images with yours friends on facebook, Flickr, Twitpic,Picasa.
* Send Emails

"Simple Indian Food"

Home Cooking Made Easy.

The collection of my recipes emphasize the simple way of cooking Indian food with minimum ingredients without losing flavor.

My recipes are easy to follow for even amateur cooks and the Step by Step Gallery.

Videos make it simple to learn how to cook Indian food through an Interactive App

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