Ecommerce is buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems. electronic commerce involves everything from ordering "digital" content for immediate online consumption, to ordering conventional goods and services, to "meta" services to facilitate other types of electronic commerce.
Our range of Ecommerce services include online store creations, advanced custom shopping carts and ecommerce hosting. Continue reading the sections to know more about our Ecommerce and shopping cart related services or call us to start the process now.

Hosting Solution

E-commerce Hosting Services are those web hosting solutions which are targeted towards the enterprises or individuals anyone intended to conduct E-commerce businesses. Various Ecommerce tools are designed and developed for managing and promoting online sales. The complete package of our Affordable Ecommerce hosting services includes numerous Ecommerce tools, which are beneficial for endorsing your products and services online. Some of the tools offered by us are Merchant account services, Web promotion secure socket layer, Database support, secure transactions, shopping carts, advertising packages etc. At EC, we ensure quick loading of your website by offering sufficient size of bandwidth that supports speedy access of the web page. Utmost importance is given to SEO, as it plays a major role in diverting visitors' traffic to your website. Complete safety of the sensitive information of the customer always remains an important issue for our organization.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a must if you need to sale goods or services online. The cart helps users to collect all the things that they want to buy and at the end of shopping can buy it all. On the completion of the selection the cart displays the total amount payable and finish with payment transfers.
• The buyer looks through the catalog on the website and views their details.
• Buyers decides on the items they want to purchase, they also can compare the prices on the basis of brand names, quality and other such standards.
• Once buyers finalize the items to be purchased, they fill the order form contains all such details as record of all items selected, individual prices, total prices including shipping and handling charges, etc.
• Next is the phase of “means of payment” selection. These generally include credit cards, checks etc.
• Buyer proceeds with the full filled order form.
• Now the cart requests the authorization of payment medium from the buyer’s bank and sends requests for payment.
• After authorization and payments, a confirmation of the order transaction along with the shipment and payment details sanded to the buyer.
• Then the shipment release according to the order details.


We provide the most efficient ecommerce solutions for your website. Whether your site requires a compatible catalog, shopping cart or credit card processing system or any customized functionality we present the optimum usability to our clients. E-store by EC based on a thorough research of the website, target visitors, client’s location and build to get beyond the expectations. EC’s comprehensive, dynamic, reliable approach pushes your organization to a next level of the business. We keep working towards making the experience more enjoyable and outstanding for our clients and partners while keep an eye on latest technology and security. At EC, customers can also participate in customization process of their site, this way the end result is more interesting for our clients.
Customized ecommerce solutions by EC are more reliable, much more comprehensive to users and more convenient to manage for our clients. The final product delivered by EC is technically efficient and visually attractive to the visitors and protects the visitor’s confidential information like credit card for being missed by any mean. Ecommerce system developed by Us enables users to enjoy seamless shopping.

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