Android Application

Here all the adnroid application which are runnig successfully.

Project: 1/0

"Smart Card"

* Smart Card is a premiere membership club which saves you up to 60% off local restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, spas, activities and much more, right in your neighborhood.
* Savings at your fingertips!
* Now with our free iPhone app, you can see the very best savings we have to offer at local restaurants, spas, activities, even travel, every day.
* Stay up to Date!
* New businesses join every day and with our handy dandy new app, simply click on the New Places to Save tab and you will be updated on the latest and greatest deals Smart Card has to offer. Plus, find out about special offers with our new Special offer tab.
* Your Smart Phone is now a Smart Card!


* As Seen in the Daily Mail, Now Magazine and Good to Know.
* Lose your baby weight as fast as your favourite celebs with the newest fitness craze for new parents.
* Our app has been developed in conjunction with sports scientist and personal trainers.
* Our fan list includes the countrys top celebrities,TV personalities and magazine editors.
* +++ before leaving any reviews, please read the Pramometer's help page or contact us on, it came to our attention that some of the reviews that have been left on iTunes are due to incorrect use of the app +++

"Discover Limo"

* + Save 30-40% by going direct to local suppliers. Our supplier-partners are pre-screened, customer reviewed and carry our $10mm insurance.
* + Easy online ordering - with instant all-inclusive pricing (including tip)!
* + 24 x 7 world-class customer support
* + It's a free app, no booking fees, no contract minimums/term, no fees to use the system
* + is featured with a booking button on such great sites as, LiveNation/Ticketmaster and David's Bridal
* + We cover most major cities worldwide and recently expanded into China, South America and India

"Spend Budget"


"Pink Shutter"

Choose yours photo from gallery or capture your photo.

Capture your photo and apply your frames

Capture yours photo and apply different types of colors.

Easy tools to make your photo.

Enchance, BlackEge, WhiteEge,Sepia and many options.

"E-fire track"

* This application is for data entry.
* Make entry of products.
* Capture the images and save.

* And with the help of web service user can store their product entry on the server.

* User can also upload images with data on the server.

"Trivia Application"

* This application is just like quiz. "Trivia"
* Different types od season upto seaon 8.

* Application is divided into three levels like :-
* Easy
* Average
* Diffecult

* Every level covers 15 questions.
* Save and see scores by date.

"Off the book"

* Cash Flow == Begins with 'Current' table, this is where you put in your day to day transactions, include any discounts and any payments received.

* Profit Margin == Next, you place the cost for the 'Current' product you have out there and include any relating losses/expenditures with it.

* Acc. Payable == Finally, you put in the payments you've made to your supplier; The 'Balance' row calculates for you how much you have left owing so you don't have to. 'Cash On Hand' is where you put in how much money you.

* Cash Sum == No need to switch between applications when adding your money, the built-in money counter calculator does it for you.


* This application has three stages :-
* Easy
* Difficult
* Normal

* More than 500 puzzles with their Answer in this application .

* Save your game by date and repaly same game.

* Select values and pencil mark your digits.
* For values hint options is available.

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